Canoeing Canoeing


  • Jan 29
  • 06:00 AM
  • Ragged Mountain Nature Area


  • Jan 29
  • 09:00 PM
  • Ragged Mountain Nature Area


  • Jan 28
  • 05:00 PM


  • $Exactly 1 pebble of any size, color, or mass. Shrubbery also acceptable if it looks nice and is not too expensive


  • Ragged Mountain Nature Area, Reservoir Road, Charlottesville, VA, USA


1. Wake up at butt crack of dawn
2. Acquire canoes, two of which can be gotten from the outdoors club and the other two of which can be borrowed from Ragged Mountain because they just have a few canoes laying around.
3. Acquire poetry, and if you don’t have any I can provide some. You’re not required to bring any or read any poetry whatsoever on this trip but I promise it’s a pretty good time so I’d recommend you give it a shot.
4. Acquire canoe paddles because you forgot to get one because nobody usually needs a canoe paddle because nobody usually needs to canoe because it’s not really that useful of a thing to have lying around unless you’re really into canoeing/canoe poetry/general hooliganery. If you end up forgetting this step entirely then you can feasibly make a paddle by wrapping the Hardback Columbia Anthology of American Poetry in a ziploc bag, wrapping that ziploc bag in duct tape, and then tying all that to a big stick with paracord. If everything’s done right you’ll produce a practically problemless Profound Professionally Proven Poetry Paddle (patent pending, provide payment perchance people plagiarize).
5. Enter my magnum opus, the magnificent 2003 Subaru Outback. Can do zero to sixty in less than 24 hours. I will pick you up in this masterpiece of engineering wherever is convenient for you as long as you’re in Charlottesville.
6. Drive to Ragged Mountain, canoe out into the middle of the lake, and read poetry.
7. Canoe race, but using only sticks found on the ground and only going backwards
8. Rock paper scissors tournament
9. Get some food if we’re hungry
10. Leave when we feel like it, I only wrote an end time because the outdoor officer oppressors made me do it
Also please wear clothes, ideally clothes that will make you warm because it will be very cold
And also a pebble, that is very important. Or a shrubbery




Trips Attended: 19 Trips Led: 6

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