Climbing (Bouldering) Climbing (Bouldering)
Hiking (Day Hikes) Hiking (Day Hikes)


  • Nov 19
  • 08:30:00
  • Free Trolley Bus Stop On J.P.A. Nearest Maury Ave


  • Nov 19
  • 18:30:00
  • Devil's Marbleyard


  • Nov 18
  • 08:30:00


  • $0.00


Community hike with local Sierra Club.

This hike up Devil’s Marbleyard is a blast: part of it is a huge boulder field, rising 500+ feet in elevation. Participants will ascend and conquer! Great views to be had, too.

Be warned: The Devil will get his revenge for us climbing up his Marbleyard. He will challenge us with a not-maintained, bushwack-in-places, hard-to-follow footpath leading from the top of his marbleyard continuing onward to a regular trail which will create a loop for us, rather than the typical 1-way out-and-back. My map also shows he’ll make us cross Hellgate Creek … what awaits on the other side?

On the way home we’ll look forward to nice cultural historic visit to Foam Henge (yes, really, it exists, full-scale! In some ways it’s better than the real thing, because you can’t walk up to the real thing anymore – only view from afar).

Hike ~8 miles
~1,500 to 2,000 feet elevation gain
The most relaxed-pace hiker (the caboose) will carry one walkie-talkie while hiking at minimum pace 3 out of 5; I’ll carry the other one while hiking at pace 4 (out of 5). Those of you who have hiked with me before: same pace (except slower in the boulder section).
This adventure starts out with everyone waitlisted, and then as drivers sign up, folks will get off the wait list.

WITHDRAW/CANCEL-PARTICIPATION DEADLINE is the same as the posted signup deadline for every club adventure unless otherwise noted. If you are on the wait list and make other plans, please withdraw ONLINE (otherwise if you get off the wait list last-minute and don’t show up, and someone else could have gone in your spot, that’s a problem).

Drivers needed and greatly appreciated (~166 miles total). Drivers please arrive with completely full tank of gas, then I’ll pay to fill up your tank upon return and give you a 50% tip! The more drivers, the bigger we can grow the size of this trip to let in any waitlistees. Thanks!

Wear non-cotton clothes, and pack: __ breakfast in-stomach or in-hand, GLOVES WITH GOOD GRIP else some will get hands scraped up / cut on the boulder-hopping section, __ consider long pants for the same scrape/cut reason, __ multiple layers of clothes to put on / peel off as needed, __ 2-3 L water, __ lunch, __ snacks, __ meds, __ extra corrective lenses if applicable, __ rain gear, __ whistle, __ FLASHLIGHT / HEADLAMP (required), __ hike poles (collapse & pack ’em during the boulder-hopping section)? __ camera? __ SUNSCREEN and hat, __ sunglasses? __ bug spray? __ t.p. & baggie?
Everyone will be required to sign a liability waiver.
Not a good idea for doggies to join us, putting doggie and owner at significant risk on the boulders.

Meeting / departure location is: on Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA) at the Free Trolley bus stop just before that bus turns right onto Maury Avenue. If you’re on JPA facing Fry’s Spring Station restaurant (which is on the NE corner of JPA and Maury), we’re meeting at the bus stop / grassy area that’s on JPA to the right of that restaurant.

This trip’s leader is a Wilderness EMT and Geo Medic, is the instructor of the Wilderness First Aid & CPR courses posted in the club, and will be happy to help anyone in need.

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