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  • Mar 19
  • 11:45:00
  • Somewhere Boring.


  • Mar 19
  • 12:45:00
  • The Lawn


  • Mar 19
  • 11:44:00


  • $0.00


So several things brought about the birth of this moment. 1. Spring break on Cumberland Island and the warmness that brought to my slacklining soul 2. no trips posted at this moment site looked so sad 3. a checking of 10 day forecast that showed upper 60’s for friday(hey thats good for now)

So the story will be some as usual come partake in the slacklining juice around 11:45 through when the cell bio man comes to take me away(thats 12:45)

as always you bring yourself and friends are always welcome no experience is needed just an adventurous spirit that can handle a couple of falls on its ass and you should be set

sorry for lack of punctuation it happens
hope to see you all out friday

P.S. if its still to muddy or 10 day forecast is complete BS then look for this on Sat.

sign up and show up, sign up and dont show up, dont sign up and show up, its all gravy as long as i get to slackline so dont stress about it




Trips Attended: 105 Trips Led: 30

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