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  • Feb 16
  • 07:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Feb 16
  • 20:00:00
  • JMU University


  • Feb 14
  • 17:00:00


  • $18.00


climbers! lets get ready for the spring season by preparing for the JMU comp as a short term goal.
In the past, our club members have done very well in all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced W/M). So let’s do it again this year. There are also lots of prizes and raffles.

If you are a beginner or you haven’t participated in any comp yet I encourage you to sign up. You also get lunch. This is a college competition and is not as serious as you may think.

If you sign up by Feb 6th I will pre-register for you like the last years. I try to negotiate with them to see if we can all pay there, except for paying in advance. Otherwise the fee is 22$ on the day of the competition.make sure to bring cash or check if you want to register then.

more info

and here is the organizer’s response to me about the format:


The format for the competition is as follows:

All Top Rope. 3 heats in this order Beg-Adv-Int-FINALS. Anyone can choose any route they want.

Everyone can attempt 5 routes out of the 12 or 13 on the wall. Beginners get 5 falls, int 4, and adv 3 falls. You get lowered per fall and you are done climbing on your last fall. Routes are labeled with difficulty ranges but will not have specific ratings. As in it might say BEG – 5.5-5.7. It won’t say 5.6. That is up to the climbers to select the difficulty of route they want to climb. There are point value zones on each route and you get those values as your entire body enters a new zone. Heat length will be dependent on registration and we will determine that closer to Saturday. Prizes for top 3 men and woman in each group, Top climbers go to the final route. We have 2 ropes this year as prizes and lots of other good stuff.




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