Climbing (Trad) Climbing (Trad)


  • Sep 16
  • 09:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Sep 16
  • 20:00:00
  • Nelson Rocks


  • Sep 15
  • 14:05:00


  • $35.00


This trip is designed for climbers and brave NON-climbers looking for a unique and fun adventure! The total number of attendees will be set to one initially. I will add people as they sign up- preference will go to those who have been waitlisted recently.

The trip takes place at Nelson Rocks on the VA/WVA border. Nelson Rocks is defined by the two giant rock towers that crown a beautiful green mastiff. Some of the longest rock climbing pitches on the east coast can be found here. Along these seemingly endless rock spires are bolted steel rebar- molded into steps. We will climb several hundred feet high along this permanent ladder until we reach the summit of Nelson Rocks. While you climb, you are clipped into a steel cable for safety. This system is called the Via Ferrata- which is very popular in the Italian Alps and Dolomites. It is one of few such systems in the U.S.
Included in this breathtakingly exposed jaunt is a traverse of a 150 foot tall/ 230 feet long rope bridge that connects the two towers. This is one of the tallest and longest such bridges in the world and is worthy of a scene from Indiana Jones. Once we have reached the summit alive, we will rest our nervous bodies before descending a pleasant trail to the bottom. This trip will be truly exhilarating!

This trip is a good opportunity to do what professional climbers do all the time- yet without their experience. Club will provide harnesses, helmets. Climbing shoes aren’t required for this- tennis or trail shoes whould work fine. I would avoid sandals. Please visit the Nelson Rocks Home Page and view the pictures and diagrams for this trip.

Okay, now the important safety concerns::: Keep in mind that the Via Ferrata route is very exposed!!!!!! Furthermore, there are only 3 places from which to exit the route safely. So, if you get scared, you can’t simply climb down- you have to keep climbing until you reach the next exit point; which could be more than fifty feet above you. Also, keep in mind you will be attached to the steel safety cable via two karabiners. If you accidentally unclip both from the wire and then fall- then you will fall a very long ways and likely not survive! If you fall while clipped in, you may still be injured a little- for the fall will be a few feet. Please go to the Nelson Rocks home page and read their matter-of-fact admonitions!! (link is above)

In addition to the fee, be sure to bring a few dollars in cash. After climbing we will head up to Seneca and indulge in Pizza and beer! Bing a fleece jacket too- it might get a little nippy up there. A water bottle and a lunch is something you ought to bring as well.

The trip fee may seem a little expensive, but is definitely a worthwhile experience!




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