Hiking (Day Hikes) Hiking (Day Hikes)


  • Sep 16
  • 09:00 AM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Sep 16
  • 02:30 PM
  • Also Corner of Echols Dorm


  • Sep 15
  • 11:00 PM


  • $FREE


  • Trailhead Mount Pleasant loop, Alto, VA, USA


Hey everyone!

Instead of doing my work I have planned a hike for this Saturday! We will be doing Cole Mountain via Appalachian Trail, which is a Moderate 6.0-mile loop located in the GWJNF. At some point it crosses through a large meadow with what looks like excellent views.

We will be leaving from the Echols dorm at 9:00am and we should get back to uva at around 2:30pm. It is about an hour and 25 minute drive to the hike (yours truly will be driving). It looks like temps will be about 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the hike.

Hike Details:
– Alltrails Link: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/virginia/cole-mountain-via-appalachian-trail?u=i&sh=mugsp7
– Alltrails Description:
Begin by following the Appalachian Trail uphill. The trail is mostly wooded but does cross through a large open meadow and over some rocky outcroppings with excellent views. At Cow Camp Gap you will begin following the Hotel Trail.
– Length: 6.0 miles (loop)
– Elevation gain: 1,309 ft

You Should Bring:
– Hiking shoes/boots
– A hiking backpack or camelbak
– any snacks/lunch that you may desire during the hike
– About 1.5-2 liters of water




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