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  • Nov 15
  • 10:30 pm
  • Matt's Apt. On UVa-side Of Cville Downtown Mall


  • Nov 15
  • 1:45 am
  • Matt's Apt. On UVa-side Of Cville Downtown Mall


  • Nov 10
  • 3:59 am


  • $49


  • 250 West Main Street #702, Charlottesville, VA, USA


>> “Best CPR/AED class so far. Resuscipalooza made it fun! Love the scenarios!” – anonymous feedback

>> “The most action-packed three hour CPR class I’ve been to. You made it concise and FUN!” – anonymous feedback

>> “Hooray! No video!” – anonymous feedback

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Learn the lifesaving skills of CPR, AED, and relieving choking (adult / pediatric / infant). Get a 2-year certification.

Full instruction, practice, and certification all done during this one eve. No online prerequisite work.

More quotes (anonymous feedback) from prior students:
>> “I learned more in this CPR course than any of my six other CPR courses I’ve taken.”
>> “The scenario stations were a great way to get a feel for an unexpected real-life situation. Previous CPR course did not include this.”
>> “Much more fun than usual!”
>> “Awesome. Humorous.”
>> “Matt Rosefsky is the best CPR instructor I have met.”
>> “Fantastic — his [Matt’s] attitude, teaching skills, and extensive knowledge made me feel prepared — more so than any other course I have taken … Thorough explanations of ‘why’ we do certain steps, great hands-on practice with scenarios.”
>> Would you recommend this course to others? “Yes, more than Red Cross because it was far more practical.”

BYO dinner, beverages, and/or snacks if you would like.

Spaces limited.

Your spot is not confirmed until you’ve sent in $49 by Venmo to Matthew Rosefsky, “Friends and Family” PayPal to matt@solowfa.com , or check or money order made out to “MEDIC” to Rosefsky, 250 W. Main St. #702, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Free for some UVA employees! Academic employees can take this class for free if it directly relates to your current work position or field of study. Register and pay for the class to save yourself a spot, then apply for Education Benefits program reimbursement:
The money will come back to you in your paycheck (quite possibly your next paycheck, or at longest within about a month of applying). Note: this benefit does not apply to Health System employees — just academic.

$49 for everyone else is CHEAP. Red Cross charges $75, last I checked.




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