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  • Oct 7
  • 14:00:00
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Oct 7
  • 15:00:00
  • Walnut Creek Park


  • Oct 7
  • 11:00:00


  • $0.00


I know this is last minute, but just wanted to put this trip out there to let people know what’s up. You do not need to join this trip to come on this ride, just find me at the Creekathon and talk to me (more details below):

I’ll be biking some of the gnarlier trails at Walnut Creek tomorrow during the Creekathon, and would love to have some other disciples of shred accompany me.

Basically I’ll be leaving with the main carpool from the Shred Shack at around 12:15pm, and at some point during the creekathon (probably after eating) I will embark on a ~1 hour long high intensity ride that will probably be around 7 miles long on some difficult terrain. The ride will be done no later than ~3pm, and anyone that comes should be able to easily find a ride back home with the rest of the carpool.

TO COME ON THIS TRIP: You will need to find me at our group site at Walnut Creek Park and express your interest on coming on this ride. The club’s fleet of bikes/helmets will be at the Creekathon, so there’s no need to ask for bikes or helmets in advance – if we have a bike that fits you that hasn’t been claimed, its yours for the ride. I will ask about your riding experience when I meet you, and will let you know if I think you can handle the ride.

If you don’t know what I look like, just look for someone fiddling around with the club bikes, or just ask around for Zakey and you’ll have a 69% (approximate) chance of finding me.

Also, please read Lily’s email about the updated carpool logistics if you haven’t already. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please email me or the officers and we’ll give you the rundown.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments.

So, in conclusion,
Ride or Die

~ Zakey




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