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  • Dolly Sods, West Virginia, USA


One year ago from next weekend, we went backpacking in Grayson highlands. Despite it being mid April in Southern Virginia, it decided to snow on us, like 5 inches the first day. Everyone agreed this was a very pleasant experience (especially Phillip, whose decision to snuggle with his nalgene landed him a free backcountry shower).

Ok admittedly it was a great trip. But I’m hoping we get some dryer weather this time around. Although no guarantees – Dolly Sods is fairly high elevation for around here and is not exactly known for friendly weather. It’s also supposed to be some of the most gorgeous backpacking in the area. It’s known for expansive views and unique marshy trails.

Here’s the plan change: originally we were planning on leaving at 12:30 on Friday. Then, Phillip asked Max T and I (Max S) to join for an MTB ride on Friday, which we found out could be pulled off with only moving the backpacking trip back to a 3:30 departure. So, the trip will leave 3 hours later, and likely have to do some hiking with headlamps on day 1, but return time and all other details remain the same. We plan to be at the trailhead by 6:45. From there, we’ll hike in a few miles to find a satisfactory camp spot (probably only like 5mi). The next day will be much bigger, with 17 miles or so to complete the 22 mile loop (linked below). These are very flat miles (only 2800′ for the whole loop), but I’ve been told that it can be slow going with the terrain. We’ll end at the car Saturday evening, probably go grab food in a nearby town (Hellbender Burritos in Davis was recommended), and drive back to cville.


What to bring:
– Backpack
– Shelter (tent, hammock, bivy/tarp)
– Sleeping Bag
– Sleeping Pad
– Layers (possible that it’s quite cold camping at 3600′ and pack for rain as well, including pack cover)
– Mess kit/utensil
– Food – bring dinner for Friday night, saturday
– Water bottles (2-3 liter capacity)
– Misc (headlamp, system to pack out trash, etc)
– Hiking boots/sturdy shoes

We’ll bring
– A few stoves and some fuel
– A few water filters
– A trowel for backcountry bathroom adventures

Friday 3:30pm – depart for Dolly Sods
5:15 – main trip meets Max and Max in Monterey, VA (one car)
6:45pm – arrive at trailhead, hike to camp
7:45pm – sunset, we will likely be hiking a bit after dark
Saturday 6:50 am – sunrise, could be cool to wake up for it and find a good viewpoint but we’ll see how people are feeling
6:00pm – back at car
6:30pm – find some food
10:30pm – back in cville
*Note: this schedule is fairly tentative and approximate, don’t plan anything you’d be bummed to miss Saturday night*

Drivers get priority off the waitlist and are reimbursed for gas + 50% tip up to $20 – please arrive with a full tank of gas!




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