Biking (Mountain) Biking (Mountain)


  • Dec 12
  • 07:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Dec 12
  • 17:00:00
  • Douthat State Park


  • Dec 11
  • 17:00:00


  • $0.00


Hey there Shredillios,

Are you confused about the origin of life on earth? Do you like to mountain bike on long sustained uphills? Are you trying to transcenden your corporeal form into a higher state of existence that is probably a blob of gas with infinite knowledge?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, then you are like me and probably don’t know what you are having for dinner next Thursday. But, what I can provide you with is an ineffable mountain biking experienced in our very our Douthat Virginia State park! Idealy this ride will lead to the metamorphic experience into a gaseous blob we are all hoping for.

This trip will be geared towards an intermediate/advanced crowd due to long up hill climbs and semi-technical descents. That being said, I encourage you to join!!

We will be leaving around 7.30AM which will get us there around 9.30AM, this gives us ~5 hours of riding time, until 15.00 when we will be leaving and heading back to c’ville for dinner time (around 17.00).

~If this morning time is the only thing that is preventing you from joining let me know and we can work something out~

Douthat SP

Map of the trails

What you need:
-Bike + Helmet (the club has got you if you need it)
-Lots-of-water (at least 1L!)
-Trail snacks
-Pack to hold yo junk
-Change of clothes for post-shredding relaxation/post swim
-Money for parking ($5 per car I think)
-Head lamp
-The desire to get beat up by the trail

I have a truck that can take 1 driver + 4 additional humans and 6 bikes. People with cars and cars that can take bikes get priority.
-Club reimburses for gas with a noice 10% tip 😉 … up to $10

Ride or die.




Trips Attended: 60 Trips Led: 29

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