Biking (Mountain) Biking (Mountain)


  • Sep 26
  • 13:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Sep 26
  • 21:00:00
  • Douthat State Park


  • Sep 25
  • 16:00:00


  • $5.00


Sup ODC Shredders!

Come one, come all, to Douthat State Park where the most intermediate of gnar is waiting to make contact with the flesh and rubber of our bodies and bikes. We will greet the firm, mid-afternoon soil of Douthat with our soft bodies where were will spend several miles climbing to prove our worth the trees of Douthat. At the top we will be rewarded with a spectacular view, an incredible ridge line ride, and an amazing down hill section fit for the Gods and Godesses.

Do you have mtbing experience? Great! Cuzz you’ll need it!

When: We leave @ 1.00pm from The Brick Wall at Echols on Saturday September 26th 2015
Travel time: ~1.5 hours — that gives us about 5 hrs of riding time before sunset which is about when we will leave (~7.15pm)
What else: We will be parking by the lake so there will be some cool-down-swim-in-the-lake-time
**There is the possibility of stopping for food on the way back, so keep that in mind**

What you need:
-Bike + Helmet
-Lots-of-water (at least 1L!)
-Trail snacks
-Pack to hold yo junk
-Change of clothes for post-shredding relaxation/post swim
-Money for food
-Money for parking ($5 per car I think)
-Head lamp
-The desire to get beat up by the trail

I have a truck that can take 1 driver + 4 additional humans and 6 bikes so another driver would be primo!

~~~Possibility of cancellation with current weather predictions showing rain for Saturday, will adjust accordingly as date get closer and weather predictions change~~~


1) Douthat State Partk

2) Small description of each trail (click the drop down)

3) Map of the trails

I’d say ‘See you there’ but I DOUBT THAT!





Trips Attended: 60 Trips Led: 29

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