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  • Jun 22
  • 09:30:00
  • Dave Clark's House


  • Jun 22
  • 15:00:00
  • Howardsville Put In


  • Jun 21
  • 13:00:00


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Sunday’s forecast looks excellent: highs around 80 with much less humidity than we’ve had as of late, so lets go for a lazy float down the James River from Howardsville to Warren. That stretch of river is but a few miles and is mostly flat and wide. Toward the end of the run we’ll get to several small islands where we’ll stop for lunch and a swim break; my goal for this trip, besides to relax on the water and bask in the sun, is to check out the camping on those islands to plan for a future overnight trip. I expect to be on the river for 2-3 hours with a long stop for lunch/swim. There is a chance I will ask my wife to meet us in Warren where she will take the kids (see below) and I/we will continue for another 9 miles to Scottsville. If I make that happen, you will have the option of calling it quits or continuing on.

Plan to depart from my house, 11 miles SE of town (closer to the river). If appropriate, I will coordinate carpooling from Charlottesville (likely from Echols). Since I will need at least 1 driver to make this happen, everyone gets waitlisted until a driver signs up.

I am planning to take my 2 kids in a tandem canoe, with them most likely sitting in the middle so could use a co-pilot.
1. Tandem Canoe – The Club has 2 more tandem canoes and I can haul 1 or both of them (planning for 1 at this point).
2. Tandem Kayak – the club has 2 tandem sit-on-top recreational kayaks; great for lazy river paddling (among other venues).
3. Single Recreational Kayak – The Club has 1
4. Single White Water Kayak – We have several; certainly the least comfortable of your options, but if you want to get a good work out and earn your qualification for future beginner white water trips you are welcome to paddle one.

The Club Provides: Boats and gear, boat/gear transport

You Should Bring: swimwear, towel, sunscreen, change of clothes, footwear that can get wet, pack a lunch (something that can get crammed into a drybag, like a bagel sandwich, granola, fruit, etc.), snacks, plenty of water (at least 2 liters)




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