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  • Mar 25
  • 04:30 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Mar 26
  • 02:30 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Mar 24
  • 11:30 PM


  • $perhaps some food for communal meals


  • Cambia Community, Shannon Hill Road, Louisa, VA, USA


Feeling bogged down by modern capitalist society? Is the pressure to conform, get an internship, compete with others, emit CO2, etc. making you feel oh so very sad? Do you wonder if there’s a better way of living for both you AND the planet?? Come join Grace, Elli and Cam as we leave Charlottesville and travel 37 miles east to the mystical Louisa County– which holds several intentional communities. We will be returning to Cambia, a small income sharing community that hosts an ecological living and learning center known as Rustling Roots. Here we will learn how members of the Cambia community nurture themselves and the earth!

Highlights & Important Trip Details:
This is an OVERNIGHT trip, which means we’ll be leaving Cville at 4:30pm on Saturday, spending the night at Rustling Roots’ campground, and getting back ~1:30-2pm on Sunday!

We’ll get to have a general tour of the sustainability museum and other super cool creations (see list below or website for more details!), but we’ll also get to take part in some earthy building activities Sunday morning with our very own hands!

For meals, we’ll cook dinner together, BYOBreakfast, and we’ll get the chance to cook with the good folks of Cambia for lunch on Sunday (get hype for this amazing mostly-homegrown vegan food!)

Feel free to contact Cam (703) 488-8892, Grace (856) 952-5395, or Elli (540) 535-5485 with any questions or concerns about the trip!

**service and sustainability committee members will be prioritized off the waitlist for this trip

Ps. If yer feeling extra sustainable and super comfy biking long distances with traffic shoot Elli a text

4:30pm: we skedaddle out of Charlottesville
5:30 pm: arrive at Cambia
6pm: set up camp, make a fire, club makes our own dinner together
9pm: chill fun night time activities and sleeping

7am: Breakfast – you bring your own!
7:45ish: tour of Rustling Roots !
8:30ish: check out the Sustainability Museum & work on cool fun projects (potentially timber framing & cob building again but we shall see / let us know if you’re interested in their other projects!)
11:30: lunch commences
1:30-2:30pm: we arrive back in Cville

– Breakfast & any personal snacks you may desire
– bowl/plate and utensil for eating
– Leafy greens and vegetables etc. for communal lunch, will be coordinated the week beforehand
– Ingredients for communal dinner (we’ll send out a spreadsheet to coordinate this)
– Sleeping bag & pad, layers for nighttime
– Waterbottle
– Toiletries

We will bring:

More info about Rustling Roots:
“An education center for ecological living, complete with outdoor classrooms, fossil-fuel free technological experimentation, curious living spaces and campsites, a whimsical forest playground, unique museum models, and a group of people living on-site and demonstrating the possibility of ecological, communal living.”
*** Things to get excited about ***
Electric antique car conversion
Solar cooking & hot water
A self cleaning pond
Geothermal AC
Composting toilet
Developing food forests & gardens
Food dehydration and canning
Suspended Yurt
Shipwrecked Boat House
BioSand Filter
Natural Building Projects
Rocket Mass Heater
Temple/Meditation Space
And much more!

Want more info about the community? Check out or !




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