Hiking (Backpacking) Hiking (Backpacking)


  • Aug 18
  • 06:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Aug 18
  • 20:00:00
  • Three Ridges


  • Aug 16
  • 11:00:00


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Hey y’all,

With classes and finals rapidly approaching, I’d love to take a full Saturday to hike one of Virginia’s most popular backpacking circuits, Three Ridges.
Plenty of members have led this as a backpacking trip with ~7 miles the first day and ~7 miles the second (14.4miles total). I’d love to lead this as a day trip.

The Three Ridges hike is certainly taxing but manageable for anyone in decent shape, if you have the proper gear, clothing, and enough water. The climb is relentless but the views are SPECTACULAR~~~~

The plan is to leave Echols at 6:30am, drive 45 minutes, and get on the trail around 7:30am. I estimate the hike will take 8-9 hours. On the way back, we’ll stop at Devil’s Backbone Brewery for noms and brewskis. If you’re not 21, don’t worry, there’s plenty of dope food to enjoy. Honestly, hard to estimate, but I think we should be back around 7pm. I know it’s an early start, but the trail is mega popular in the summer, espec on a Saturday.

Please only sign up for this trip if you’re ready to be available all day and are confident in your ability to hike 14 miles of up-and-down. I’m going to waitlist everybody because I only plan on taking 5 people, potentially more if I feel confident in the group, and this hike is advanced. I will bring a first aid kit and a few headlamps.

Things you’ll need:
-loose, synthetic clothing (not cotton)
-4L+ of water (if u bring less, i’ll make you buy some at the gas station)
-sturdy hiking boots you have worn in
-LUNCH. for the love of god bring food & snacks
-a daypack (plenty available in gear room)
-headlamp (better safe than sorry)
-sunscreen and bug spray (optional)
-extra cash or card for our dinner stop at Devil’s Backbone




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