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  • May 12
  • 12:00 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • May 14
  • 12:00 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • May 11
  • 06:30 PM


  • $85 (race registration)


  • Wakefield, VA, USA


Ever wanted to test just how far you could keep running? This is some serious (or silly) type 2 fun for you! Whether you’re a frequent runner or someone who likes a crazy challenge every once in a while, this is the running equivalent of a choose-your-own-challenge (in terms of distance).

So, wtf is a backyard ultra?
A backyard ultra is a race format that consists of one 4.167 mile loop (This way, if you were to last 24 hours, you would have gone 100 miles). This loop must be completed once every hour. When you either come in past the hour mark, or make a decision to not start the next one, your race is over. Technically, only the last person standing is considered to have finished.

Still interested?
The plan would be:
Drive down (we need drivers!!) sometime Friday afternoon, check in, set up our little aid station area, tent camp Friday night, get up and ready, race starts at 8AM on Saturday, and simply see how long we can last. There’s no expectations for how long or briefly people might be on course– you don’t have to be the most serious runner ever to sign up for this, it’ll be a good time regardless. I don’t expect this to go until the 14th, I’d think we might be done before the evening/night of the 13th at the latest, but I have no idea– some of u might be wildly determined, and so I don’t want to make any hard plans on return time. The plan for getting back to cville will be very flexible bc I have no idea how long our people might last!

If you’re interested, you need to:
-Review the race details on the race website
-Register for the race ($85) (I would recommend waiting until after we have a driver registered. If we don’t have a driver by 5/1, bc I rlly want to do this, I’ll try to convince someone and let y’all know)
-Text me (757-647-6745) and I will let you off the waitlist!

You need to bring:
-tent/sleeping bag/pad
-adequate food & electrolytes for pre, during, and post race (There will be some food provided by the race but you should plan to bring all of your own)
-anything running related you might need (I can give you a more extensive list if you need it)

Cost: $85 registration, camping is $10 but the club will reimburse up to $10 for camping!

**WE NEED DRIVERS. Drivers get priority off the waitlist and will get reimbursed for gas.
I’m so stoked about this, and am hoping to convince my ODC peeps to get involved in trail/ultra racing! Text me if you have questions/concerns.

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