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  • Jun 11
  • 09:00:00
  • TBD


  • Jun 11
  • 20:00:00
  • TBD


  • Jun 10
  • 17:00:00


  • $18.00


Read the whole thing before signing up…
The local whitewater has dried up, so it’s time to get the canoes wet, and Float Fish! I’ve got room for 1 more in my canoe, and the club has 2 canoes, thus I’ll set the initial max to 6, if you have a canoe, innertube, Kayak or other river worthy vessel, feel free to bring it along!

The exact location is TBD, but will be somewhere on the James River approximately 1 hour from Cville, and I’ll probably pick it the night before or morning of based on flow conditions. Probably going to float about 10 miles, so this will end up being close to an all day trip.

As for the Fishing, bring your own spinning rod and tackle. The club doesn’t have spinning rods as far as I know. Can’t get your hands on a spinning rod and tackle? – A $50 investment at Walmart or Dick’s can get you the bare bones essentials, and will afford you years worth of fun! Hit me up if you need a shopping list or other guidance.

Fishing Licenses: The State Freshwater Fishing license ($18 ) would be required for this trip, and can be purchased online here:
or at any other sporting goods store, everyone on this list should meet the requirements for residency, and its valid for 1 year from date of purchase, so I put $18 as the fee. (The online method is better – as they email you a PDF that you can reprint if you lose it).

BEFORE SIGNING UP – PLEASE consult your crystal balls, and anticipate anything that may impede your ability to attend including but not limited to: ailing vehicles, ailing pets, school obligations, family events, recovery from Friday night shenanigans, etc – I ask this because tandem canoes work best when piloted by 2 people, and someone may get stuck paddling solo if you drop at the last minute (and they’ll probably hate you for it), and I don’t want to get stuck transporting excess boats again either.

I need at least 1 driver for this for the shuttle, a roof rack is not required, thou may come in useful.
I’m going to give priority to people who know how to & plan to fish, one or two newbs may be accommodated – but I’m only demonstrating how to unhook 1 fish for you, and then you’re on your own! Next off will be people who just want to float.

The times are somewhat vague, but generally we’ll start early and end late. Let me know in the Q&A section about your time constraints.

Bring: your fishing gear, swimming apparel, sunscreen, lunch, beverages.




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