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  • Jul 17
  • 17:15:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Jul 19
  • 23:00:00
  • Dolly Sods


  • Jul 15
  • 14:00:00


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Over the past year, I have received several requests for a trip where people would learn to identify wild edible mushrooms (and pick some for dinner). Dolly Sods is a perfect place for wild mushroom hunting, plus blueberries should be getting ripe too.
I’ll bring a mushroom book and we’ll learn some common types (aspen scaberstalk, birch bolete etc), they are quite easy to identify. Unlike most of my hikes, the pace will be ultra-slow as we’ll spend most of the time searching for mushrooms and berries. We’ll camp about 1 mi from the cars, so you can bring some luxury items for camping if you feel like carrying them. We’ll spend both Sat and Sunday day-hiking/foraging around Dolly Sods.

The club provides breakfast/lunch for both Sat and Sun. As I do not know how to cook (or even use the club’s stove) NO dinner on Sat night will be provided except for boiling water, so bring your favorite freeze-dried/instant meal, unless somebody steps up and volunteers to cook. Cooks and drivers will get off the waitlist first.

Bring tent, backpack/raincover, sleeping bag/pad, and a headlamp (get them from the gear room if you need any of these items). Club provides gas money/seat in a car.
Departure time on Friday is flexible. We will not stop for dinner on the drive up to DS on Friday, so please either eat beforehand or bring your dinner to eat on the drive up. Bring some cash for dinner on Sunday on the drive back.




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