Climbing (Sport) Climbing (Sport)


  • Apr 8
  • 06:00 AM
  • Your House


  • Apr 8
  • 10:00 PM
  • Your House


  • Apr 7
  • 10:00 PM


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  • New River Gorge Bridge, U.S. 19, Victor, WV, USA


Unlike my free solo, which none of you guys signed up for 🙁 (except Noah, the only real one), this trip involves ropes at one of the most classic crags at the new. God damit guys these routes are ultra-classic, so sign up for this thing right now!! Don’t even read the rest of what I wrote.

(actually, read it but after you sign up)

Ok so, I was told ppl were intimidated by snake buttress by the only real one 😘. So i’m changing the area to cotton top and cotton club in cotton hill. At cotton top, the easiest sport route is a 5.8, with the majority of routes in the 5.10-5.12 range. I think they’re kinda close to each other so I think we might be able to go back and forth between the two, but i’m not 100% on that.

Some of the classics are Cottonmouth(10a), Government Overreach (11a), Psycho Wrangler(12a), and Intergalactic Orcas(12b).

I’ll gauge what we need based on what everyone else is bringing. But we’ll definitely have enough ropes and quickdraws. What you should at the very least bring: Harness, Climbing shoes, Helmet, Personal Anchor (if you’ve got), Belay Device, water, food.

The plan: Let’s start collecting people at like 6:00 AM. Hopefully leave Cville at like 6:30 at the latest. Reach the new around 9:30-10 AM, hike the approach, and climb for most of the day until sunset at the absolute latest, then head back to cville and be back by like 10 pm at the absolute latest (like if we leave just before sunset we’d be back by 10); maybe get pizza or smth on the way back??

Anyways, sign up.




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