Climbing (Indoor Bouldering) Climbing (Indoor Bouldering)
Climbing (Indoor Sport) Climbing (Indoor Sport)
Climbing (Indoor Top Rope) Climbing (Indoor Top Rope)


  • Oct 21
  • 19:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 21
  • 22:30:00
  • Rocky Top Gym


  • Oct 21
  • 18:00:00


  • $7.00


It’s that time of the week again: we’ll head to the gym around 7, climb until 9 when it closes, then go to IHOP for the college night half off deal! This has been lots of fun the past couple weeks and participation has been growing, so come on out and meet some great people. Beginners are welcome! Rocky Top is a great place to learn the basics of climbing in a very safe, friendly environment.

Cost is $7 for one night of climbing, or you can pay $25 and climb all you want for a month. Shoes and harness are available at the gym.

**The IHOP part is optional, this is something that has been fun recently so I am going, but you don’t have to go along, you can be dropped off on the way. Also, those going will have to pay for themselves. Please try to bring cash for IHOP as they don’t allow split checks! Also: our very own climbing and eating phenomenon Ryan Hauer will be attempting the unprecedented feat of devouring two, full IHOP signature breakfasts!!! Will he complete this extraordinary accomplishment, or surrender to the massive amount of food laid before him…come along to find out.




Trips Attended: 68 Trips Led: 34

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