Running (Road) Running (Road)


  • Feb 2
  • 13:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Feb 2
  • 14:30:00
  • Downtown Mall - 2nd St Crossing


  • Feb 1
  • 20:00:00


  • $0.00


I’ll start off by saying that I used to think that something went wrong somewhere whenever fun and run were in the same sentence or phrase. That being said, group runs are >>>> because of the cool convos and motivation and such so I was thinking of combining running with the enticing idea of hanging in the downtown mall after!

The Plan:
Meet at Echols at 1:00 pm (yes, you can sleep in!) and jog/run at a conversational pace because conversations make running fun! We can go anywhere from 3-5 miles or less, depending on how everyone feels and no one will be left behind. Please don’t think you’re too slow/out of shape for this!!!! I don’t have a set route but I was thinking just road runs down JPA, the corner and such to end at the Downtown Mall because I need to get some stuff, and by some stuff, I most definitely mean coffee from Mudhouse. We’ll run with little groups or buddies but generally stay on the same route. Once we get to the downtown mall feel free to join me in getting coffee/ helping me find a gift for my mom’s birthday (I’m an amazing child, I know) or running back or catching the trolley!

What to wear/bring:
-currently, forecast is 44 and sunny so a warm synthetic base and maybe windbreaker but honestly whatever you’re comfortable in
-hat/headband if ya want
-running shoes!
-mindblowing conversation topics
-reusable bags if you plan on shopping 🙂
-water bottle if that’s ya thing




Trips Attended: 29 Trips Led: 3

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