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  • Sep 30
  • 15:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 2
  • 12:00:00
  • New River Gorge


  • Sep 29
  • 20:00:00


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Located in the soutern part of the NRG, Glade Creek is a tributary to the New River. It is less commercialized than the rest of the gorge, but just as beautiful. It is also a slightly shorter drive than fayetteville.

We’ll leave UVA Friday afternoon and set up camp at the northern trailhead, where Glade Creek flows into the New River. Saturday morning, we’ll leave one car there and then 4WD down to the less accessible southern trailhead. We’ll hike all day along Glade Creek, definately stopping at Kates Falls and hopefully we’ll have time to to take a side trail up to Polls Plateau and/or Kates Plateau. We’ll finish the day back at the Northern trailhead, so we wont have to retrace our steps. Along the way we’ll see an logging town, old farmlands, pass through rodedendren thickets, and hopefully see a beaver dam or two. Also, this area is usually several degrees cooler than cville, so hopefully we’ll get some sweet fall color.

Glade Creek also has fantastic trout fishing, so if anyone wants to ride/camp with us, but then fish all day instead of hike you’re most certainly welcome to do that.

This trip is contigent on someone else being able to drive, because we need two cars, and also because I won’t be returning to cville on Sun. On that note, if any Jewish club members can’t make it home for the holidays and is interested in spending Rosh Hashona with me and my family in WV, let me know we’d love to have you.

Depending on what time we get done Sat. and when people want to be back to Charlottesville, we can either camp again Sat. night or just drive straight back.




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