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  • Feb 4
  • 07:00 AM
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Feb 4
  • 07:30 AM
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Feb 3
  • 07:00 PM


  • $0


  • Confederate Breastworks Interpretive Site, West Augusta, VA, USA


Does the cold, rainy weather have you feeling sad? Come join us on a cold, sunny day of riding – cardio is a great way to warm up!

The plan is to ride two very fun loops of steep climbs and flowing (we’re still in Virginia, so expect some rocks and roots) descents in West Augusta, ~30 minutes past Staunton. We’re aiming for around 30 miles and 4000 feet of climbing.

– Loop 1: Georgia Camp trail to the Braley Pond/Confederate Breastworks loop:

– Loop 2: Magic Dowell’s loop:

As we find ourselves in winter, we run the risk of encountering freeze-thaw conditions on the trails. Riding in these conditions can wreak havoc on the trails and cause countless hours of needed repair work, so we will not do so if conditions are poor. But fear not! We have a contingency plan in place in case we arrive to this sight: there is a very lovely 4×4 road that climbs most of the way to Reddish Knob. If trail conditions necessitate, we will ride some or all of the following loop, which is about 50 miles with 5500 feet of climbing:

Either of these options are challenging rides, so please read the full descriptions for links provided in this description (there are 4) before signing up, and let us know in the trip questions if you are good with riding either route option.

***This is an advanced mountain biking trip. It is steep, rocky, and difficult riding. There can be areas without cell service if you need help. In addition, please consider that it will be cold and unpleasant if you get injured or need to bail on the ride. Please only sign up if you are an advanced rider and prepared for the challenge***

The approximate time plan:
7 am – meet at shred shack and pack up bikes to depart
7:15 am – depart shrack
8:30 am – arrive, ride
4:30 pm – finish riding
6:00 pm – question Phillip’s sanity as you leave him in the woods
7:00 pm – get back, clean bikes and such
7:30 pm – you’re dismissed
***Unforeseen delays can happen on mountain bike trips, so we highly recommend against scheduling anything super important Saturday evening***

**You bring**
– Phone with the *FREE* MTBProject or Trailforks apps downloaded, with the Virginia region downloaded within the app. We’re not planning to be separated but this will help you find your way back to the car in case we do.
– Water: 2-3L capacity (we can put 1-2 bottle cages on each bike; let us know if you want this)
– Food: lunch, maybe money for dinner?
– Appropriate clothing and footwear: the forecast high is in the 30s – dress in layers suitable for riding — you should at absolute minimum have a extra lightweight, long-sleeved shirt or jacket with you in case we’re out past sunset
– gloves are recommended for keeping the fingers working in chilly temps and protecting your hands from scrapes if you fall – $10 Mechanix work gloves are great
– sunscreen?
– a bag to carry your water and food: the club has some daypacks and hip packs if you need one (let us know in the questionnaire)

**We’ll Bring**
– Bikes/helmets
– Bike rack(s)
– Pumps, tools, etc

Drivers get priority off the waitlist and are reimbursed for gas + 50% tip up to $20 – please arrive with a full tank of gas!




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Trips Attended: 111 Trips Led: 79

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