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  • Apr 16
  • 15:45:00
  • Dave Clark's House


  • Apr 17
  • 23:00:00
  • Nag's Head, NC


  • Apr 12
  • 20:00:00


  • $120.00


I’ve been looking forward to checking this off ‘my list of things to do before I die’ for a long time, and with the great discounts we get as a group/club, now’s my chance (and yours)! No experience required for hang gliding or sea kayaking.

Trip Itinerary: We’ll leave for Manteo (where we’re camping, south of Nag’s Head) Friday at 4, get to the camp site around 9, set up tents, and make a fire and have some snacks (suggestions? Smores, etc.?). We’ll leave the camp site Saturday morning between 7:30-8, drive an hour north to the tandem hang gliding site, and start the first group at 9 (groups are divided into 3 people/hour x 4 groups) and each group starting an hour apart (therefor, the last group starts at 12). When the last group finishes we’ll head back to the camp site for Sea Kayaking (starts at 3:30), which will take a couple of hours. We should be back to the campsite at 5:30-6 where we’ll pack up and be back in plenty of time to hit the bars in C’ville.

The Outdoor Club Provides:
Ride, snacks for Friday night, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, gas money, camping gear

You should bring:
money or food for dinner Friday and Saturday nights, camping gear if you have it

For more info on tandem hang gliding read below…and/or check out

‘Hang Gliding’ pretty much says it all, but here’s what Kitty Hawk Kites (where we’re going) says about it:

“Fly to altitudes of 2000 ft. or higher with a certified instructor from our tow site at Currituck County airport. The views of Currituck Sound, the ocean, and the surrounding countryside are breathtaking from these altitudes. Once released from the tow plane, the only sounds are from you, the instructor, and the wind flowing around you. These elements, combined with stalls, dives, and turns, are sure to make tandem hang gliding the most exciting and memorable experience of your stay in the Outer Banks.
In tandem hang gliding, the student and instructor are hooked into the glider together. The glider is designed specifically for tandems with a larger wing area for more lift and tricycle landing gear to simplify take offs and landings. An ultralight plane tows you to altitude, the glider is released, then you and your instructor glide back to the airport where you land like a plane.
While tandem hang gliding requires no experience and is perfect for beginners, it is also a fantastic way for more serious students to make rapid progress in their training programs. With tandem hang gliding, you truly fly like an eagle.”




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