Biking (Road) Biking (Road)


  • Sep 7
  • 06:30 PM
  • ohill bike racks


  • Sep 7
  • 08:00 PM
  • Cohn's


  • Sep 7
  • 06:00 PM


  • $naming rights of your firstborn child


  • Ting Pavilion, East Main Street, Charlottesville, VA, USA


ALERT, ANYONE CAN COME TO THIS, but if you’re in ODC and plan to attend, PLEASE sign up, it will help you actually show up the day of lol.

It doesn’t get any more beginner than this. Well maybe it does, but whatever. I invite you to join myself and the other lovely people who love bikes and other stuff for our weekly reclaiming of the streets. The plan is as follows: meet at the Ohill dining hall bike racks at 6:30, rally and goof off for 15-20 minutes and wait for the less punctual folks to arrive, then we bike nice and slowwwww down McCormick Rd, University Ave, West Main and Water Street until we get to the Ting Pavilion and hoot and holler and celebrate another DUB for streets based around people. Then we’ll bike back to Cohn’s and the convenient piece of asphalt that we say our goodbyes on but also make plans for later in the night!! Anyone with a bike is welcome as well as any human powered or small electric device, or honestly if you can just run pretty fast that would be hilarious. And if you don’t have a bike but are at all interested, believe me, we can get you a bike and maybe even teach you to ride it. We should be done around 7:30-8 so you’ll have the evening free for other shenanigans.

ALSO: new rule for bike ride, we’ll be slowing down and yielding if needed to people crossing the street on foot. As dope as people on bikes are, people walking shouldn’t have to wait for us to blow through the crosswalk. New rules pending as I and other people think of them.

Streets are for people, lets use them accordingly.




Trips Attended: 123 Trips Led: 64



Trips Attended: 64 Trips Led: 27

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