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Stargazing Stargazing


  • Sep 20
  • 22:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Sep 21
  • 03:00:00
  • Hawksbill Mountain


  • Sep 20
  • 12:00:00


  • $0.00



If you love night hiking, stars, good company (hopefully), don’t have morning classes Thursday, or do, then this is the trip for you!

I have a Physics exam at 8 and know that I’m going to want to lay down and do nothing afterwards, and there will be a new moon and perfectly clear skies Wednesday night, so I figured why not gaze at some stars while I’m laying down and doing nothing, ya know?

Unfortunately we won’t even be close to catching the sunset, but Hawksbill is the highest point in Shenandoah so we will be getting just about as close to the stars as we can from here, and the hike is easy breezy lemon squeezy. It’s a little less than a mile so roughly 25 minutes of hiking up to the summit, and then the same back down after we chill for an hour and a half or so.

We will be hiking in the complete darkness so a headlight is essential. Please get these from gear room or let me know if you can’t make it to one! Also, even though Wednesday is going to be a super hot day, it will likely be pretty cool at the summit so please bring a fleece, sweatpants, blankets, or anything else you want to keep you nice and warm while we’re doing a whole lot of nothing at the top. It may also be nice to have a yoga mat or pad to lay on whilst star-gazing. Bring any midnight snacks (literally) you’d like to munch on, and I will bring hot chocolate for the group for those who choose to ~indulge~.

We’ll meet at Echols @ 10:00pm, drive ~1hr25mins, hike 25 minutes and get to the summit no later than midnight. Then we’ll hangout for an hour and a half or for as long as the group is feeling it, hike back down to the cars and arrive back in Cville no later than 3:00am. Yes, you read that correctly.

You bring:
-water and snacks
-warm clothes/blankets (seriously!!!)
-yoga mat or pad (recommended)

-I can only allow 4 people until drivers sign up!
-Drivers need to show up to Echols with a full tank of gas!
-Drivers get priority off the waitlist. The club reimburses for gas +50% tip!




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