Hiking (Day Hikes) Hiking (Day Hikes)
Picnics Picnics


  • Apr 2
  • 10:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Apr 2
  • 16:30:00
  • Old Rag


  • Apr 1
  • 23:30:00


  • $5.00


There was a great response to Grace’s trip and there still are quite a few people on the waitlist so I’m going to lead a trip that departs a bit earlier for Old Rag on Saturday. From what I hear (to copy from Grace) it is a relatively easy, nice long hike (7 miles round trip) with a crazy fun rock scramble at the end. And the view from the top is gorgeous too!

What to bring:

-Pack a lunch!! We will see if we can get somewhere with a nice view and then throw a picnic

-Hiking boots (if you have them) or sneakers suitable for hiking

-Dress in layers (it’ll be colder on the mountain than in Charlottesville)



-money ($5.00 to pay to get in the park — if you have a shenandoah NP pass than bring it and you will get in for free). Also bring extra $$ if you want to eat on the way back

What the club provides:


Note: Just to be fair to all of the people on the waitlist for Grace’s trip, I’m going to set the trip size to “1” and then give people who are on Grace’s waitlist priority when signing up (say until late Thursday night). So, no worries, if you want to go — sign up and you might get a spot (esp. if you can drive!).




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