Climbing (Bouldering) Climbing (Bouldering)


  • Nov 4
  • 11:30 AM
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Nov 6
  • 02:30 PM
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Nov 2
  • 12:00 AM


  • $90


  • 125 Profile View Road, Banner Elk, NC 28604, USA


Howdy y’all, WHO’S READY FOR SOME PEBBLE-WRASSLING!! our stoke is high for the first (but technically second) outdoor bouldering comp of the Triple Crown series.

gonna front load this a bit:
1. you need to be able to commit to the WHOLE WEEKEND! We’ll be leaving mid afternoon Friday and returning to cville sometime on Sunday afternoon.
2. The cost for registration is $90, I wish it was cheaper but it is what it is. You can register here:
3. I listed this as beginner because I fully believe that even if you have very little experience climbing outside, the whole competition is so worth it in terms of learning and hanging; however, if you’re a complete beginner you might find it challenging or frustrating. That being said, if you love climbing you should sign up!

Essentially, every year there are three competitions across the southeastern US: Hound Ears (Boone, NC), Stone Fort (Chattanooga, TN), and Horse Pens (Steele, AL). This year, hurricane Ian struck when Hound Ears was originally going to occur so now we have a new opportunity to get some people out there on the ronks. I want to emphasize how cool of an event this is, it is not too often that this many climbers come together outside to support each other, the environment and vibe is simply fantastic! Simply, it’s just something you shouldn’t miss.

Here’s the plan:
– 10am-12pm: Leave cville (roughly 5 hour drive not including stops)
– 3-5pm: arrive at Grandfather Campground **cost for camping will be reimbursed**
– Pick up comp packets and free t-shirts
– 6:30pm: Pint night w/ Mellow Mushroom (it is not specified though I assume the food is not free)
– 7:30pm: Carolina Climber’s Coalition annual meeting at the community center
– This will just be a discussion on local climbing access efforts as well as some cool stories from some local stonemasters
– Now we sleep
Saturday (boulder day :)):
– 6:30-7am: wake up and eat some breakfast
– Need to be somewhat quick about this as check-in for the comp closes at 8am
– 8am: load onto buses to get to the boulder field
– Boulder all day and meet cool people!
– 1-4pm: every hour shuttles run back to camp, once you leave you cannot return to boulders!
– Back at camp there will be $5 dinner plates, as well as raffles
– Awards ceremony, lots of prizes with tons of categories; even if you don’t have a lot of experience outside, if you have a good day you could get some prizes!
– There will also just be tons of free shit and just an amazing atmosphere
– Get litty
– 8am: wake up eat breakfast
– 9am: gather and head home
– 2-3pm: arrive

More details here:

What to bring:
– 2 water bottles
– If you do not wish to pay for any food, you’ll need enough food for 2 dinners, 2 lunches, and 2 breakfasts, as well as any snacks you want
– If you buy food: a lunch and 2 breakfasts
– Climbing shoes
– Chalk
– If you have bouldering pads please contact, we should have enough, but depending on group size we may split and having enough pads for two separate groups is key
– Warm socks (extras too)
– Layers!! It’ll be pretty chilly (mid 30s at night probably)
– A warm hat
– Every drop of stoke summoned from the very fiber of your being

See everyone there!
– Evan + Jay

“to conq the big ronk one must be stronk”

Please reach out if you have any questions!
443-684-7640 or

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