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  • Dec 14
  • 05:50 AM
  • Corner of Echols Dorm maybe


  • Dec 14
  • 09:15 AM
  • wherever you wanna be dropped off


  • Dec 13
  • 08:00 PM


  • $00000


  • Humpback Rocks, Blue Ridge Parkway, Lyndhurst, VA, USA


sooo the time has come for me to lead my first solo-led trip!!! nnn what better way than a sunrise hike <3 I h8888 daylight savings ... the days feel so short and dark... so getting up early helps! but also! every time I go on a hike I'm like .... this would be really cool to sit here and read... so we should do that too. so BYOB (bring your own book -- for PLEASURE!!! no school work will be done on this trip111!!11) the plan meet at Echols @550am (but also I hateee walking so far so early in the morning so if there's a better spot we can do that. I'll reach out and we can find an agreed location) 555am -- leave + drive to Humpback 630am: arrive + start hiking 7am(ish) reach the top 720: sunrise <3 + reading (optional.....) 8am: come back down + return to cville 9:15am (ish): will drop you off where you need to be! you should bring water, some snacks if you want, a book if you want, and maybe a headlamp but also not entirely necessary if you have your phone.




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