Biking (Mountain) Biking (Mountain)


  • Apr 17
  • 07:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Apr 17
  • 15:00:00
  • Pocahontas State Park


  • Apr 14
  • 20:00:00


  • $1.00



Have you been looking for that next step after the baby shredder’s trip, or just really looking to have fun on a bike and improve your skills?

Are you ready to see what shredding is really all about??

Then this is the trip for you! Come join me at Pocahontas State Park for some wickedly awesome and flowy trails for those of you who are looking to really start improving upon your abilities. The park has a wide variety of possible trails we can do, so I will tailor the experience based on the desires of the group that comes.

The trails can be decently long, so I prefer that you are comfortable on a bike if you would like to join this trip. We will probably end up doing something between 10-15 miles. We also have two options for the park: one that is a little more trail-like/random riding, the other is riding on the very nice, groomed trails at Poco. We can even do both!

I can say that we will be back ABSOLUTELY NO LATER than 3:00 depending on the pace of the group and if we stop for lunch or not. I have class at 5 and do plan to shower and give myself time to put everything back in place.

Read about the trails here:

When: Wednesday, April 17th at 7:30

*Have classes on Wednesdays, but interested in this trip? Please feel free to reach out to me with times that you are available and keep an eye out for more trips depending on how the weather goes!*

Where: Meet at Echols Brick Wall, going to Pocahontas State Park
(This is about 1.5 hour drive from cville)

Fee: this trip has a $1 fee to get into the park

When to return: No later than 3:00 pm, but can be earlier depending on the group and what trails we choose. (That is approximately 4 hours of riding)

What do you need?
Bike and helmet (club can provide)
At least 2 liters of water (if you aren’t used to the heat, bring extra)
Gloves (highly recommended)
Solid shoes to bike in–> Must be closed toed
A couple of snacks, maybe even a packed lunch if you need to be back earlier




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