Hiking (Day Hikes) Hiking (Day Hikes)


  • Oct 25
  • 10:15 AM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Oct 25
  • 06:15 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Oct 24
  • 12:00 PM


  • $5


  • Old rag mountain trail parking lot, Nethers Road, Etlan, VA, USA


i’m a sad odc member, who for the fourth year in a row, can’t go to NRGE, so i’m attempting to help alleviate my FOMO my still doing a solid hike.

the leaves are changing now, the autumn season is coming in hot and I refuse to miss it. it will be peak fall foliage, therefore we must admire it from a peak. what better way to do so than by taking on shenandoah’s finest? it’s ragtime! i haven’t summitted this bad boy since halloweekend of my 2nd year, when i rolled out of cville at 230 am to catch the sunrise, so this adventure is long overdue. i’m not feeling that ambitious this go-around, so we’re doing a day hike edition instead.

if you haven’t done old rag before it’s a ~9 mile loop with a summit full of scrambling, so I recommend that you have some experience hiking. we will gain ~2,500 ft of elevation & it should take ~5 hours round trip and we will plan to shovel some food down our throats as the sun is setting. hopefully we are not in a swarm of people, but i’ve been warned that crowds are likely, which is why i’m going to cap this trip at 8 people. for more details on the hike: https://www.hikingupward.com/snp/oldrag/

the details:
– 10:15 PM leave echols
– 11:30 PM arrive at trailhead
– 2:30 PM arrive at summit, snap a few artsy photos & have ourselves a lil lunch picnic
– 5:00 PM bop on back to cville
– 6:15 PM home sweet home

To bring:
– 2+L of water
– sturdy hiking shoes!!! (lots of scrambling)
– layers (fall weather baby, prepare for some chill and also the very likely precipitation)
– lunch + snacks (food is fuel)
– a positive attitude (especially for rainy weather)
– SNP PARK PASS (or $5)

DRIVERS + SNP PASS HOLDERS GET PRIORITY OFF WAITLIST (drivers get reimbursed for gas + 50% tip)




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