Climbing (Top Rope) Climbing (Top Rope)
Climbing (Trad) Climbing (Trad)


  • Jan 16
  • 12:00:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Jan 19
  • 23:00:00
  • Chattanooga, TN


  • Jan 15
  • 12:00:00


  • $0.00


The Tennessee Wall is the perfect winter climbing destination on the East Coast! It’s far south and also faces south so it soaks up the sun’s rays all day long. It’s well known for shirtless climbing weather in the heart of winter and this weekend is looking pretty stellar, 50s and sunny!

The T-wall is a trad location with a high concentration of classic routes. Most of the routes are full value too, meaning you’ll need every meter of a 60-meter rope to get up and back down!

We’ll leave UVA at noon on Friday and get to the Chattanooga area around 7pm where we can have dinner and hit up a local gear shop. From there we’ll head a little west of town to the climber’s campground near the T-Wall. After three days of solid climbing, we’ll leave the Chatty area and get back to UVA before midnight.

I will bring a stove and basic cook set for people to use, but you are responsible for bringing your own food or just eating at restaurants. I will also provide the tents.

What you need to bring:
-Climbing shoes
-Climbing harness
-Climbing helmet
-Climbing chalk and chalk bag
-Belay device
-Food/money for food
-Camping gear (sleeping bag/pad, headlamp, etc…)
-Rain gear

What the Club Provides:
-Camping fees
-Gear, if you need it (go to a open gear room if you need anything)

Get stoked for THREE DAYS of sick climbing!




Trips Attended: 32 Trips Led: 24

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