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  • Jul 29
  • 07:00:00
  • Free Trolley Bus Stop On J.P.A. Nearest Maury Ave


  • Jul 30
  • 22:00:00
  • Dolly Sods


  • Jul 26
  • 17:30:00


  • $0.00


Community adventure with local Sierra Club.

Come cool off at DOLLY SODS, West Virginia: my *favorite* place to go backpacking within a handful of hours of Cville. Its Wilderness is unique. We shall have some fun, very beautiful Adventure.

Much of the vegetation on Dolly Sods’ 4000-foot plateau is interesting and rare in the Southeast USA, more typical of arctic tundra Alaska! Look forward to awesome views, challenging wet mushy steep trail in some areas, potentially adventurous stream/river crossings, campfire fun, and much more.

Figure somewhere around 15 to 25 miles total, split across the two days. In having guided many trips to Dolly Sods, I’ve learned that its unique terrain suits best for not having a specific trail plan – rather, just going with the flow. *Every* trail there has its own unique beauty; we’ll see what we see when we’re there. The only thing planned at this point is hiking in 3 miles to an astounding lunchtime viewpoint on day 1 … or not if it’s clouded in and maybe instead we’ll end with that. Pace 3.5 to 4.0 out of 5. First-time backpackers are welcome if you are physically fit and are a strong hiker.

This adventure starts out with everyone waitlisted, and then as drivers sign up, folks will get off the wait list.

WITHDRAW/CANCEL-PARTICIPATION DEADLINE is the same as the posted signup deadline for every club adventure unless otherwise noted. If you are on the wait list and make other plans, please withdraw ONLINE (otherwise if you get off the wait list last-minute and don’t show up, and someone else could have gone in your spot, that’s a problem).

Drivers needed and greatly appreciated (~325 miles total). Drivers please arrive with completely full tank of gas, then I’ll pay to fill up your tank upon return plus give you a 50% TIP! (max $20/driver tip). The more drivers, the bigger we can grow the size of this trip to let in any waitlistees. Thanks!

GEAR-BORROWING: If you need anything from the list below, it is your responsibility to please contact (as far in advance as possible, at least a few days) Shred CastleMaster Zakey Faieq at 571-340-0303 or and let him know exactly what you need, how tall are you, what’s your waist size (men) or dress size (women), and if you want to share a tent with someone, whether you want it to be with your own gender or you don’t care. Ideally plan to be available the Friday evening just before the trip, when there may be a gear room opening so you can be present to select the gear you want and make sure you get the right size.

COMMUNAL DINNER: If you want to participate in a communal dinner instead of bringing your own freeze-dried (such as Mountain House) or other just-add-hot-water meal, it is your responsibility to please contact (as far in advance as possible, at least a few days) King Shred Zakey Faieq at 571-340-0303 or and let him know if you have any meal ideas or preferences, and any dietary restrictions. Plan to chip in for your share of the ingredient expenses.

Wear non-cotton clothes, WATERPROOF BOOTS (REQUIRED), and pack: __ gaiters, __ many clothing layers (non-cotton) including hat & gloves — much colder & maybe windy at 4000 feet at night, __ gaiters, __ EXTRA SOCKS, __ 2-3 L water, __ 1 breakfast (eat first one in car) 2 lunches 1 dinner & lots of snacks, __ Sunday night dinner money or dinner left in car, __ whatever you might like to enjoy at a campfire party, __ cup/bowl/spoon/pot/whatever you’ll need, __ whistle, __ rain gear, __ small towel (e.g. PackTowl), __ flashlight/headlamp NOT cellphone light, __ hike poles, __ t.p. __ baggie (ladies), __ hand sanitizer, __ ear plugs, __ backpack, __ backpack rain cover, __ tent, __ sleeping bag rated at least 30 degrees lower than Petersburg, WV forecast low, __ sleeping pad, __ plastic grocery bags and cord if you have for hanging food from tree, __ meds, __ extra corrective lenses if applicable, __ blister care packs bandaids etc., __ musical instrument? __ camera? __ sunglasses? __ sunscreen? __ suggestion: spray your boots, hat, and clothes with permethrin, and have picaridin on-hand for your skin in case trail is buggy in areas.
Everyone will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Trip Leader will provide one Steri-Pen (water purification), one food-hang rope, one small shovel, and one stove to heat up your water for if needed for dinnertime freeze-dried meals, all for communal use; as well as major first aid items as needed.

Meeting / departure location is: on Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA) at the Free Trolley bus stop just before that bus turns right onto Maury Avenue. If you’re on JPA facing Fry’s Spring Station restaurant (which is on the NE corner of JPA and Maury), we’re meeting at the bus stop / grassy area that’s on JPA to the right of that restaurant.

This trip’s leader is a Wilderness EMT and Geo Medic, is the instructor of the Wilderness First Aid & CPR courses posted in the club, and will be happy to help anyone in need.

Return time is a guesstimate.

~ poppa shred




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