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  • Oct 6
  • 09:00:00
  • Ray's Campground (Hico, WV)


  • Oct 6
  • 20:00:00
  • New River Gorge


  • Oct 2
  • 12:00:00


  • $10.00



The New River Gorge (NRG) Extravaganza is a choose-your-own-adventure megatrip that the club puts on in the fall (some years; hopefully this becomes an annual tradition) to one of the best outdoor recreation destinations in the nation, perhaps world, which is only 3 hours from C’ville. The New River itself is 1 of 10 National Wild and Scenic Rivers in the US, and the gorge and surrounding area (including the Gauley River/Summersville area) hosts excellent white water kayaking for all levels, rafting, mountain and road biking, rock climbing, hiking/backpacking, and caving. Due to the outdoor rec opportunities and natural beauty, this area of West Virginia is also very popular for tourism. The club makes various trips to the NRG area each year but the goal of the extravaganza is to bring all of the club’s popular genres/activities and people together for 1 amazing weekend.


The New is too dope to go home early, so climb on Sunday instead! You all should already be there (make you sure you sign up for some of the awesome Friday or Saturday trips). We’ll aim to leave camp at 9 am or a little earlier if possible to maximize our day on the rocks, and then head to either Beauty Mountain, Kaymoor, the Meadow, or some other similar location- I’m open to suggestions so throw ‘em out. We’ll climb throughout the day until around four to hit the road by five. That should get us back to the Ville by eight or so, just in time to do all that homework you’re pretending you won’t have.

This is an intermediate trip (beginners, there’s plenty for you too: check out Andrew Cassidy’s n00b-friendly trip on Saturday) and everyone should know how to belay and should be comfortable top-roping at least 5.9 or 5.10 cleanly. Most of the trip will be sport based but there might be trad options for you crazies.

You provide:
-Personal climbing gear
-Rain gear/warm clothes
-Camping gear (this should already be handled through your Friday or Saturday trips)
-Money/food for dinner on the way home

We Provide
-Breakfast and lunch
-Any climbing gear you might need (try to go to the gear room but if you can’t make it contact me and we’ll grab it for you)
-A ride home

Limiting to ten people so we can figure out the driving sitch and waitlisting everyone at first.




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