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  • Jan 30
  • 11:45:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Jan 30
  • 23:00:00
  • Richmond, VA


  • Jan 28
  • 22:00:00


  • $12.00


What: Hardywood Brewery in Richmond, VA is holding their annual Boats and Brews film festival this Saturday night: https://www.facebook.com/events/1513078138988514/
Many Richmond locals are planning on hitting the nearby James River for a pre-event paddle, and Outdoors at UVa will be joining them.

Who: Intermediate whitewater kayakers and brave rafters. The air temp will be ~50 degrees, but the water temp will be VERY, VERY COLD. While we will provide some warm gear, signing up to kayak requires a strong roll and previous class III experience, and signing up to raft requires an agreement that you are ready to tough out the freezing conditions that may occur if you fall in. We’ll plan on taking one 6-man raft*.

Where: The Lower James through Richmond. This section includes several class III(+) rapids at this level. Link to description: http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/1952/#tab-flow

When: This Saturday. We will meet at Echols Dorm at 11:45am and head to Richmond around noon. 1 hour 20 min drive. Arrive and put on the river by 2:00pm. Get off the river, get warm, and head to the brewery around 5:30pm. We will probably have a car option to head back to Cville after the river for those who don’t want to stay for the event, so indicate your preference when signing up. I’d say the absolute latest those attending the Boats and Brews festival would arrive back in Cville would be 10:30-11pm. Hopefully earlier! BTW there will be a food truck at the event – it was pretty delicious last year!

But seriously, we do have some wetsuits and dry tops, but please wear multiple layers of non-cotton clothing. This includes non-cotton socks. Please also bring plenty of warm clothes to change into afterwards, including more socks. And maybe a hat or two.

What else to bring:
2L of water, food to eat for lunch, a protein bar or comparable snack, $12 to get into the festival (not positive here, but the entrance fee might actually be $8 for students, but bring $12 just in case!)

What we provide:
Boats, paddling gear, warm paddling layers, boat transportation

~While we may be going to a brewery, the Outdoors Club does not condone drinking unless one is age 21. All ages are welcome at the event.~

*Yes, you read correctly, Outdoors at UVa has rafts now




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