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  • Feb 19
  • 07:00 PM
  • New Cabell 368


  • Feb 19
  • 08:00 PM
  • New Cabell Hall 368


  • Feb 19
  • 06:00 PM


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  • New Cabell Hall, Charlottesville, VA, USA


Bongiorno. I find myself in a mid-winter slump. The cold is suppressing my drive, to get outdoors. As a remedy I have found myself fondly recollecting adventures past and scheming adventures future. And on the most frozen days my mind wanders to The Big Ones, the trips which require passport, the plane ticket, y las lenguas extranjeras. Perhaps you too have pictured yourself in situations foreign and unforgettable; at a Parisian cafe clad in beret with baguette and cigarette in hand or being awoken in the predawn of a nameless jungle by the distant and Jurassic cry of howler monkeys.

The rewards of a trip abroad are invaluable and mind-altering. However, the prospect of a trip abroad can be logistically overwhelming and psychically draining. It is with this in mind that I will be hosting a wee little talk on international travel and the elements therein. I will go over recommended gear, hostel culture, navigating the ethically dubious world of voluntourism, how to not look like a gringo dweeb (see fig. 1 above) and, time and anti-corporate sentiments permitting, how to churn credit cards for free travel money.

I will talk some about my experience in Central America, but I would also be happy if people shared their own experience. Folks are also encouraged to share their own future travel intentions that we can workshop and lend our resolute encouragement to.

So come on down to New Cab Room 368 next Wednesday at 7 to receive your winter supplementary dose of wanderlust.
*Drivers will be reimbursed and tipped 420%




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