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  • Oct 20
  • 08:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 20
  • 16:00:00
  • Montebello Resort In Nelson County


  • Oct 18
  • 12:00:00


  • $8.00


Fall is here, and I’m looking to get outside and enjoy the weather. Given that there is some good bouldering up on the parkway, as well as a fishing pond further down the parkway, I figure we can combine both activities into one trip. After a full day of playing, I expect we’d be hungry, so we can clean and cook the fish we caught at my house.

Outline of the day:
> Let’s head to the fishing pond first; fish until lunch time
> Head to the boulders and eat our lunch there
> Start bouldering; wrap up when people get tired
> Head to Charlottesville / my house, arriving by 4:00pm (estimated)
> I’ll give people a ride home / to Echols around 5:30. (I’ll need to be somewhere at 5:45)

For fishing, you must keep what you catch, and the cost is $3.99 per pound (I hope we’ll be able to catch 2 fish each, and each fish is about 1 pound). I’ve listed $8 as the fee operating under this assumption. For those interested in dinner at my house, I can pay for the fish up front, and you could reimburse me with cash (bring cash).

Once we’ve paid for our fish, we can put them in a cooler and head to some boulders along the parkway, and eat lunch by the boulders. Bring your own lunch!

When everyone has had their fill of food, I can give everyone an introduction to bouldering, and we’ll play around on some easy boulders. We’ll start with some boulders that require you to really trust your feet (always crucial), and we can move on to other boulders depending on how the group does.

Upon our return to Charlottesville, I can drop off persons who do not wish to partake in dinner at my house. The rest of us will continue to my house, cook dinner, eat it, and then I can give rides to those that need it.

You bring:
> Layers! (highs look like they’ll be in the lower 50s)
> Sunscreen
> 2 L of water.
> Cash
> Polarized sunglasses
> Shoes with good ankle support (for short walk to boulders)
> Lunch + snacks

Club provides:
> Crash pads
> Fly rods
> Climbing shoes
> Gas $
> One amazing day




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