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  • Jan 9
  • 09:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Jan 16
  • 21:00:00
  • Portland, OR


  • Jan 7
  • 12:00:00


  • $225.00


**Aarash is the real leader of this trip** – I’ll just be organizing some of the logistics.

We’ll fly from Washington, DC to Portland, OR together and spend 5 days there (~2 days are for traveling).

We’ll first camp low on a glacier to learn and practice alpine camping and climbing techniques for ~3 days. Some of the techniques will include crampon use, ascending, descending, glacier travel, avalanche awareness, setting up anchors, self-belay, and self-arrest. Crevasse rescue and building a snow cave are some other things we might practice if there is time.
Then, only if the conditions are right, we’ll try for a summit attempt, possibly of Mt. Hood (~11,000 ft) or another peak in the area.
**The main purpose of this trip will be learning and safety will be the #1 priority at all times.** So, we may end up summiting, but this is by no means guaranteed, as the conditions during the winter in the Cascades can be severe. Either way, we’ll have fun and learn a lot!

You bring:
-appropriate clothing (Aarash will go over what is required – this is very important as it will be extremely cold! You will need to have the required clothing to come on the trip, no exceptions.)
-gear for glacier travel if you have it (harness, boots, crampons, ice axe). All of this can also be rented there for under $100 or so.
-camping gear, including plastic bowl and plastic spoon/fork, 3 water bottles, water bottle insulator/parka, toiletries, etc.
-sunglasses that completely cover the eyes and ski goggles
-sunscreen, lip balm
-extra $ for gear rental, restaurant food

Club provides:
-some camping gear (tents – we’ll rent 4 season/expedition tents, backpack, sleeping pad, winter sleeping bag)
-some climbing gear (harness, helmet, carabiners, cord, rope)
-partial reimbursement of costs for rental car, gas $ while on the trip
-camping food

Explanation of trip fee:
-$90 of the fee will pay for Aarash’s plane ticket. Note that hiring an outside guide for 5 days would typically cost ~$600 – $1000 per person, so you’re getting a really good deal this way.
-the rest of the fee is for: part of the car rental, gas to/from the airport, extra $ for food, any per-person park fees, and miscellaneous group expenses
-the amount is likely an overestimate; I’ll refund whatever is left
-You will need to purchase a plane ticket yourself (not included in cost)

In Summary:
Total cost of trip = 225 + equipment rental if needed (~100) + plane ticket (~220 to 300 ) = $600 or so as a rough estimate.

I will require a $90 deposit to pay for Aarash’s ticket right away (within 3 days after the sign-up deadline), and the balance of $135 will be due before the start of the trip.

To make it fair, sign up will be first-come first-serve, but, remember that you must have (or purchase/borrow/rent) the appropriate clothing for this trip. In addition, you must have backpacking/camping experience, and some climbing experience (i.e. know how to put on a harness, how to belay, tie a figure eight). So, you may be dropped from the trip if you do not meet these qualifications.

You can email Aarash ( with questions.





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