Biking (Mountain) Biking (Mountain)


  • Apr 22
  • 11:30 AM
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Apr 22
  • 02:30 PM
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Apr 21
  • 11:59 PM


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  • 116 Washington Avenue, Charlottesville, VA, USA


Calling All Shredders, Dirtbags, and Fiends of the two-wheeled variety! Do you want to learn how to properly send on 2 wheels? Are you tired of walking? Do you yearn to one day bomb down the sides of Virginia’s rocky peaks with reckless abandon? If you answered yes to any/all of these questions, then this trip is for you!

This trip is gonna be an intro trip. We’re gonna go over the basics of mountain biking, from how to position yourself on a bike to how to pick a line on the trail.
Expect to spend a decent amount of time on and off the bike, and expect to session (try something over and over for the sake of practice) features a few times. The whole goal is to get everyone comfortable and try to progress to the intermediate trails on O-hill.

The Plan:
We’ll start at the shred shack, and stretch/warm up.
We’re then gonna head on up to O-hill and work on some basic techniques
Finally, we’re gonna ride the intro trail loop a few times, and get everyone comfortable with that.

Things you need to bring:
Water Bottle (an old gatorade bottle works fine, nalgenes WILL NOT fit in the bottle cages)
Closed Toe Shoes
Gloves if you want them (leather mechanics gloves work but aren’t necessary)
Safety Glasses if desired
A bike helmet if you have one

Videos for more info:

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