Climbing (Indoor Top Rope) Climbing (Indoor Top Rope)


  • Feb 21
  • 07:15:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Feb 21
  • 19:00:00
  • James Madison University


  • Feb 20
  • 17:00:00


  • $23.00


What is the Reach Out Climb? A competition for all levels of climbers, and they give away tons of stuff and prizes. I went last year, and it was pretty fun. JMU has a small wall that’s more textured than the ones at peak and roughly 25′ high. You will be belayed by JMU staff on top rope, so you don’t even need to belay! Don’t bother bringing your chalk bag, JMU doesn’t allow loose chalk, and I don’t think they allow chalk balls. Liquid chalk only! Which they provide. The wall is nearly vertical. There is one small overhang built into the wall, but nothing like the cave at Peak, and nothing like the bouldering wall at Rocky Top.

There will be three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Beginner (or 1st comp) breaks out as 5.0-5.7. Intermediate comes out to 5.8-5.10. Advanced is 5.10+. There is also a Masters (35+) category and a Juniors (16 and under) category, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to fall into those. They also break the categories into guys and girls (which gives the girls a much better shot at winning their categories).

Registration is $18 until February 16th, $23 after. You can register the day of the event.

To pre-register, go to the URL below and download the registration form. Print it out, enclose a check, and send it in. They don’t have web registration. Or, you can register the day of, just remember to bring the $$! If you’re registering after Feb 16th, there’s really no advantage to pre-registering except that you won’t have to stand in line.

The ROC benefits the Jared Neville foundation, named after a climber who went to JMU. The foundation supports maintenance of and access to local climbing areas (where we climb!).

Here’s a little secret: If your flash ability is anywhere near a category division, register for the lower category! I saw plenty of people in the intermediate category flashing advanced routes last year. Back then my flash ability was somewhere around 10b, and I registered for advanced. I got smoked! We’ll see what I do this year…

Flash: Cleanly climbing a route the first time you get on it, with as much information as you can gather about the route, including watching people climb it. This is different than an onsight, in which you have no information about the route except for what you can see from the ground before you get on it.

Even if you’re not the best climber around, you still get to watch some pretty amazing stuff, and you can still win your category! Aarash won this comp 2 years in a row (I think) and came in second last year. Oh, did I mention the stuff they give away? If you’re a girl, it gets even better! Far fewer girls do this than guys- Last year Katrina, Jen and Miriam rocked the top three girls! Jen won a rope!

Trip requirements: Burning desire to WIN! (j/k, if you just wanna have fun that’s cool too). Some climbing experience would help. Note that you won’t do much actual climbing, this won’t be like a day at Peak. At most, you’ll get to warm up and climb/attempt to climb (if my math is correct) 9 routes (and they won’t be 9 different routes). Then you get to watch and cheer!

You provide: Registration $$, a bag lunch would be a great idea. Gear if you have it.

Club provides: Ride, gas $$, gear if you need it.

The trip will start with 4 people, which is the number of people I can fit into my car. I’ll expand it as I get more drivers, so sign up!




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