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  • Apr 18
  • 08:30:00
  • Rotunda


  • Apr 18
  • 12:30:00
  • Downtown Mall - 2nd St Crossing


  • Apr 17
  • 17:00:00


  • $0.00


The Charlottesville Farmers market has begun! It happens every Saturday starting at 7 AM. We jogged down last Saturday and it was super fun, so lets do it again! I am not a fast runner, so this is not really your chance for an intense workout. The farmers market sports all sorts of fun things from flowers and baked goods to jewelery and fresh meat. The Farmers market is about a mile and a half from grounds. I am planning on meeting on the University Avenue side of the Rotunda at 8:30 and then head over. Weather is supposed to be beautiful (partially cloudy and in the mid to upper 70’s) on Saturday, so dress appropriately. Also, bring some money to get some goods. A bag might also be a good idea if you are planning on buying anything that you have to carry back. I plan on walking back unless people feel up to jogging home too. I am limiting the number of people on this trip so we don’t take over the side walk.




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