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  • Feb 17
  • 15:00:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Feb 17
  • 21:00:00
  • Waynesboro YMCA


  • Feb 16
  • 23:00:00


  • $10.00


Whether you are an experienced kayaker or just a beginner kayaker just looking for some pool time and perhaps a new paddling buddy, check out these roll sessions.

These sessions are unstructured, providing plenty of time to practice various skills at your own pace. **There is no formal instruction.** However, there should be a few people on hand who are happy to demonstrate and provide assistance. If you want help with your roll, or boat control just ask someone, more on that below.

If resources permit – I’ll open it up to people who have never been in a whitewater boat, and someone will briefly teach the intro stuff: Wet exit, some paddle strokes, T-rescue, etc and then you’re on your own to paddle around, refine these skills, and scavenge for tips from other boaters. Signup regardless of your level of experience, and indicate your experience in the Q/A and if you need the intro.

CLUB PROVIDES: a ride in a vehicle, and any gear you may need.

YOU PROVIDE: Bathing suit & Towel. Your own personal kayaking gear if you have it – but make sure it is CLEAN! – remove float bags from the boat and wash/vacuum it out such that it is free of leaves, sand, stinkbugs, and other debris! THIS IS A BIG DEAL. The YMCA gets really mad as us (rightfully so) if we bring dirty boats and then swim and dump a bunch of leaves and detritus in their pool. Please clean your boat out well so we don’t lose the privilege of using their pool.


The cost for these sessions is $10 – Bring it with you the day of, exact change preferred. If there is any doubt that you will be able to attend, please do NOT sign up! If you bail the day of, not only are you potentially depriving others of a spot, but you may be causing excess gear to be checked out and lugged around on your behalf (which is annoying at the least for no-shows.

I’ve set the trip departure time for 3pm, this should give sufficient time to get participants properly outfitted in the parking lot such that you can actually spend the entire 2 hours utilizing the pool! We have the pool from 4pm-6pm. We should be back to Charlottesville by 8pm




Trips Attended: 90 Trips Led: 20

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