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Climbing (Indoor Top Rope) Climbing (Indoor Top Rope)


  • Nov 12
  • 17:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Nov 12
  • 23:59:00
  • Rise Up Climbing Gym


  • Nov 11
  • 18:00:00


  • $0.00


*** Admission and rental gear is free for all members of the female persuasion ***

What’s better than spending the evening at the climbing gym? Spending the evening at the climbing gym when it’s ladies night!

Standard gym description applies, prefer that you be able to belay for this trip since the rules are much more assinine at Rise Up than at Peak.

Ladies obviously get preference to join…

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, you need a SIGNED permission form from your parents to climb at Rise Up.

IF YOU INTEND TO LEAD CLIMB, you need to bring your own (or a club) rope.

You provide: Maximum estrogen levels, Minimum testosterone Levels, any personal climbing equipment, $$ to get in to Rise Up (if you’re a guy), $$ for potential din-din stop on the way back.

Club Provides: $$ for gas, transportation, able and competent leadership, rockin’ good time

Pasted below is the description from Rise Up themselves:
The ladies will be in charge of choosing the music and setting the tone for this estrogen laced evening. Here’s what our vixens have in store:

* Free day pass and rental gear for all women
* FREE clinic: Discover why climbing is not a strength sport and women are more natural climbers than men
* FREE clinic 2: Learn to use your natural strengths to overcome steep terrain. Heel hooks and more!
* Musical playlists created by women
* Affordable massage available
* Homemade snacks
Women are natural climbers with better balance and core strength than men; learn to put your natural abilities to their best advantage. The free clinics are for women only and are taught by women.
Cost: No daily climbing fee for non-member women. Programs and activities are also free. Massage requires a small fee.
Date: Thursday, November 12 6:00 – 10:00 pm




Trips Attended: 128 Trips Led: 24

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