Climbing (Sport) Climbing (Sport)
Climbing (Top Rope) Climbing (Top Rope)


  • Nov 6
  • 09:00 AM
  • Ray's Campground (Hico, WV)


  • Nov 6
  • 05:00 PM
  • Ray's Campground (Hico, WV)


  • Nov 5
  • 02:00 PM


  • $0.00


  • Summersville, WV, USA


*This is a NRGE trip meaning once you are let off the waitlist here, you should sign up for the NRGE main carpool trip. When you sign up for this trip you are signing up for NRGE as a whole weekend/mega trip. *

Climbing is awesome. Rocks are awesome. The NRGE is awesome. Rumors (from Shay) say that climbing at Summersville Lake is pretty awesome also. We wanna go, and you wanna go, so let’s go.

We seek fun, moderate sport routes, breezy lake shore vibes, good times with people who like rocks as much as us, and maybe even a little polar plunge. This trip is open to people with a range of climbing experience, but priority will be given to those who have baseline experience/knowledge surrounding sport climbing since opportunities for top rope based trips should also be available this weekend! That being said! If we don’t get enough interest with people who would like to lead/learn to lead, we can 100% set up some top ropes on some easier routes to adjust to be more beginner friendly. Yay!

Anywhooo, this trip will head out from Ray’s in the am and we will climb til our climby arms can’t climb no more. We can hit biscuitville (!) or a coffee shop on the way to the crag and then will plan to spend the day on a variety of walls in the general Summersville area climbing anything ranging from 5.6s-5.10s.

Shay and I will bring:
–First aid kit
–Ropes a plenty
–Quickdraws, stuff to clean
-Belay devices and lockers
-Our safest climbing practices <3 You bring: -Climbing shoes -Climbing harness -Climbing helmet -Chalk bag -WARM CLOTHES (It's gonna be November) (gloves, hand warmers for chalk bags?) -Lunch/water/snackies -Your camera?




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