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  • Sep 20
  • 11:00 AM
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Sep 20
  • 07:00 PM
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Sep 19
  • 07:00 PM


  • $5


  • Bear Church Rock, Rapidan, VA, USA


kick off the weekend with a lil friday fun in the great outdoors! i’ve never done this hike before, but i stumbled upon it on all trails and the reviews say it’s a hidden gem of shenandoah. the hike begins with a pleasant stroll along streams, rivers and falls before the true ascent begins. it’s a 2,210 ft elevation gain with a final mile that is said to really pack a punch. it sounds like this hike will definitely be a workout! it’s advised for hikers to be in good shape due to the steepness, but i believe in you all! (note: the image for this trip is bear church rock, so probably a solid preview of how we will be feeling)

roundtrip it’s about 8.7 miles and you can read more about the hike here: https://www.hikingupward.com/SNP/BearChurchRock/ (note: we will not do the side trip to the cabin in the woods, reviews say it is overhyped, so let’s save ourselves there)

the plan:
11 AM depart Echols promptly
12 PM arrive at trailhead
~5 hours on trail + summit~
530ish head on back to cville
630ish home sweet home
~bc i’ve never done this i want to give us some leeway, so only sign up for this hike if you are free until 7ish friday night~

to bring
– SNP park pass (I have 1 pass)
– 2L+ of water (hydrate or diedrate!)
– sturdy hiking shoes
– layers (in case of wind/chill/rain)
– lunch and snacks (fuel your body!)
– a positive attitude for when the going gets tough
– a good song to queue up in the car
– a good story to share on the trail

DRIVERS & SNP PASS HOLDERS GET PRIORITY OFF THE WAITLIST. drivers will be reimbursed for gas + 50% tip!




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