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  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


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  • ur bed


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  • $your left pinky


  • RVA Free Climbing Wall, Richmond, VA, USA



Melun and I will be going to Virginia’s beloved manchester wall in Richmond soon. We are in search of beginners to outdoor climbing to join us, such that we can shed upon you our knowledge of this wondrous sport, and hopefully indulge in some vibes and such on a wonderful friday morning/afternoon. As I just mentioned, this trip is for beginners to outdoor climbing, so we will give waitlist priority to those who have not been taught the ways of the dirtbag cragger. Ideally, we have people who know next to nothing of outdoor climbing, so that we can go over techniques such as: top roped climbing, top rope belaying, basic crag (climbing wall) etiquette, etc. Additionally, people who can drive they cars will get some priority too.

All that being said, as a beginner, right now you are probably all like “waaaaah I don’t know what I need to bring for climbing”. Dude, don’t fret. Below is a list of some necessary, and some recommended, things to bring with you on a day of baller, swagging, cragging. Most of the required things you will need to acquire from the gear room, if you need help with this, please reach out to Melun or I with questions (u can text us just go to our ODC account page) — the officers running the gear rooms are also very knowledgeable and can help answer any questions you may have about the gear we have outlined for you to steal from them. Lastly, don’t be shy! If you have any questions, reach out, climbing is for anyone and everyone!! and its awesome!! So if you are interested join the fricking trip!

Also, please note that this is a Friday trip. We are not encouraging people to skip their classes, so if you have a class and can’t make it, don’t worry! There will be aplenty more opportunities to learn how to touch rock in a stylish and safe manner.

Things u NEED to get from the gear room, unless you already own them:
– Climbing Harness
– Climbing Helmet
– Climbing Shoes
– Belay device & locking carabiner

Things you should get from the gear room:
– Chalk Bag (unless you are a savage and don’t want any)
– Chalk (so that you have something to put in your chalk bag)

Things you should probably bring anyways:
– yummy food to give to me and melun (jk, but bring food for you to eat)
– sunscreen (it sunny, you must protect your skin … )
– water (duh)
– clothes that don’t limit your range of motion too much
– your skin for sacrifice to the rock gods of the james river (required)




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