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  • Nov 17
  • 01:45:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Nov 17
  • 05:15:00
  • Humpback Rocks


  • Nov 16
  • 19:00:00


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Humpback Rocks, for those who don’t know, provide an amazing view during the day, and would provide for some awesome stargazing at night. So let’s make use of them for the Leonids meteor shower.

The Leonids meteor shower is supposed to be a pretty brilliant display this year, mostly for viewers in Asia, but North America may not be left out. Let’s take advantage of the spectacular view from Humpback Rocks and watch the meteor shower. If nothing else, we should get in some awesome stargazing. The best viewing time for north America is supposed to be around 3:00AM Tuesday Morning.


So here’s the plan: We want to be at the top of Humpback Rocks by around 3:00, so we should start hiking around 2:30 at the latest, meaning leaving UVA by 1:45.

Humpback Rocks is COLD especially at night. So bring many warm clothes. This includes wool and layers! Bring blankets and sleeping bags if you want. We will be sitting on ROCKS which are COLD. You should also bring water. It’s still a hike, and you might get thirsty. I’m thinking we’ll want to stay there for about an hour during the peak time 3:00-4:00ish.

I can only drive 4 other people, so until more drivers sign up, that’s the limit. We have another limiting factor: flashlights/headlamps.

The gear room is open Monday at 5:30 pm. If you need a headlamp you MUST go get one. As much fun as it would be tripping over tree trunks that you can’t see and falling down the side of the trail, you have to have a light source.

We provide:
Gas $$ for drivers
Spectacular stargazing.
Meteor showers

You Provide:
Any stargazing enhancers you wish to carry.




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