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  • May 25
  • 08:45:00
  • Free Trolley Bus Stop On J.P.A. Nearest Maury Ave


  • May 27
  • 22:00:00
  • Cranberry Glades Wilderness


  • May 19
  • 23:59:00


  • $0.00


Cranberry Glades Wilderness in Monongahela National Forest, WV has always been mysterious to me. I’ve never been deep in there and I hear it’s unique and spectacular. Excerpts from a descriptive article:

“All of the trails within the wilderness are classified as wilderness trails, which means lightly maintained … The trails are both overgrown and have many obstacles in their way … All trails are easy to follow but not marked in any way …Good shoes and long hiking pants are a must as you will walk through all manner of overgrowth … These trails are wide with gentle slopes, but also are often muddy from seeps, and trails near rivers are often washed out [in fact the whole thing was washed out a few years back] … Rivers and their many branches swell very quickly after a storm and no bridges exist in the wilderness. Expect to ford the streams many times during a hike … The Cranberry Wilderness is all about deep forest and rushing streams … Highland Scenic Highway [to get to trail head] is a beautiful paved road with many overlooks and posted trail heads. This road is similar to Skyline Drive without the traffic … The trail is the highest point in the wilderness and is generally spruce forest with soft spruce needles at its base and moss all along the forest floor … a delightful cascading stream through thick hardwood forest and thick groves of rhododendron … … Several delightful campsites along the stream … beautiful cascading mountain stream tumbling down a narrow canyon … Around every corner the river either cascades, runs over bedrock or flows in a way that is interesting or pleasing. … The trail sports some of the best campsites anywhere …”
Source: The Potomac Appalachian, October 2015

Wow, so much adventure and beauty in all of the above! Let’s explore and discover.

This is a backpacking adventure (3-day holiday weekend). Stay tuned to club emails or shoot an email to the officerz to gain access to the gear room to pick up what you need (sorry I don’t have a key). We’ll be out there 2 nights, 3 days. It’s pretty sure to say that we’re gonna get wet.

Pace 3.5 to 4.0 out of 5. Hike total 23 to 27 miles over the three days. Elevation gain for the entire journey will be at most 3,400 feet. Many stream crossings. Some terrain likely wet / mushy. You’ll want to have water shoes (or crocks etc.)

This adventure starts out with everyone waitlisted, and then as drivers sign up, folks will get off the wait list.

WITHDRAW/CANCEL-PARTICIPATION DEADLINE is the same as the posted signup deadline for every club adventure unless otherwise noted. If you are on the wait list and make other plans, please withdraw ONLINE (otherwise if you get off the wait list last-minute and don’t show up, and someone else could have gone in your spot, that’s a problem).

Drivers needed and greatly appreciated (~286 miles total). Drivers please arrive with completely full tank of gas, then I’ll pay to fill up your tank upon return plus give you a 50% TIP! (max $20/driver tip). The more drivers, the bigger we can grow the size of this trip to let in any waitlistees. Thanks!

Wear: __ non-cotton clothes (including article-suggested long pants), __ ***waterproof*** boots (highly highly recommended) and __ gaiters, and pack: __ water shoes / crocks etc., __ many warm layers (non-cotton) hat gloves, __ 2 PAIRS EXTRA SOCKS, __ 2-3 L water, __ 2 breakfasts (plus a third if needed for Saturday morning in car) 3 lunches 2 dinners & snacks, __ cup/bowl/spoon/pot/whatever you’ll need for getting cooked I mean cooking, __ Sunday night dinner money or that dinner left in car, __ whistle, __ rain gear, __ small towel (e.g. PackTowl), __ flashlight/headlamp NOT cellphone light, __ hike poles, __ t.p. __ baggie (ladies), __ hand sanitizer, __ ear plugs, __ backpack, __ backpack rain cover, __ tent, __ sleeping bag rated at least 30 degrees lower than the Marlinton, WV forecast low, __ sleeping pad, __ plastic grocery bags and cord if you have for hanging food from tree, __ meds, __ extra corrective lenses if applicable, __ blister care packs bandaids etc., __ musical instrument? __ camera? __ enjoyment enhancers / whatever you might like to enjoy at a campfire party, __ sunglasses? __ sunscreen? __ bug spray, __ Suggestion: spray your boots, gaiters, hat, and clothes with permethrin, and have picaridin on-hand for your skin — trail may be buggy in areas. Suck down some car sickness pills if twisty turny roads aren’t your friend, when we hop in the cars. Everyone will be required to sign a liability waiver. Might be a community adventure with local Sierra Club.

Trip Leader will provide one Steri-Pen (water purification), one food-hang rope, one small shovel (cat holes), and one stove to heat up your water for if needed for dinnertime freeze-dried meals, all for communal use; as well as major first aid items as needed.

Meeting / departure location is: on Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA) at the Free Trolley bus stop just before that bus turns right onto Maury Avenue. If you’re on JPA facing Fry’s Spring Station restaurant (which is on the NE corner of JPA and Maury), we’re meeting at the bus stop / grassy area that’s on JPA to the right of that restaurant.

This trip’s leader is a Wilderness EMT, Geo Medic, and street medic, is the instructor of the Wilderness First Aid & CPR courses posted in the club, and will be happy to help anyone in need.

Return time is a big fat guess.

~ poppa shred




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