Climbing (Sport) Climbing (Sport)
Climbing (Trad) Climbing (Trad)


  • Apr 21
  • 05:00 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Apr 23
  • 07:00 PM
  • Also Corner of Echols Dorm


  • Apr 20
  • 08:00 PM


  • $Foooood money


  • New River Gorge Bridge, U.S. 19, Victor, WV, USA


Who: Joseph (the climbing advisor one)
What: Climbing (Sport & Trad)
Where: New River Gorge
When: Friday (04/21) 05:00pm To Sunday (04/23) 07:00pm (Flexible)
Why: Touch rock

Howdy y’all,

I haven’t been to the New in some time and I’m craving a good climbing weekend. The plan is to leave Friday afternoon and get to the campsite (American Alpine Club Campground) in the evening and get stoked for the day of climbing. We’ll climb all day Saturday (pies and pints for dinner???). Camp one more night, and climb most of the day Sunday, leaving around 3-4 to get back around 7-8pm, or whatever the group is feeling.
Depending on how many people sign up, and what everyone wants to do, we could be one large group or split up to different crags.

Additionally, if enough people want to leave early Saturday morning, instead of Friday night, one car could do that.

Here are the crags I’m thinking of for each day (I’m open to suggestions to change them):
Saturday: Sandstonia
Sunday: Junkyard Wall or Cotton Club
Other options: Beer wall, Kaymoor slabs, Fantasy Area, Bridge Buttress, Summersville lake, or anywhere you think is cool.
Here is the general mountain project area

What you need to bring:
– Helmet
– Harness
– Climbing shoes
– Chalk
– Belay Device
– Breakfast(x2), Lunch(x2), Dinner(x3), Snacks(xInfinity) — Or money to buy food; I for one want pies and pints plus biscuit world
– Utensils+Vessels
– Sleeping Bag
– Sleeping Pad
– Water
– Appropriate clothing to be outside each day

What I will bring:
– Ropes
– Draws
– Trad Gear
– Tents

I think that’s all, but text me if you need anything.

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