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  • Sep 21
  • 17:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Sep 23
  • 20:00:00
  • Ray's Campground (Hico, WV)


  • Sep 19
  • 00:01:00


  • $0.00



The New River Gorge (NRG) Extravaganza is a choose-your-own-adventure megatrip that the club puts on in the fall (some years; hopefully this becomes an annual tradition) to one of the best outdoor recreation destinations in the nation, perhaps world, which is only 3 hours from C’ville. The New River itself is 1 of 10 National Wild and Scenic Rivers in the US, and the gorge and surrounding area (including the Gauley River/Summersville area) hosts excellent white water kayaking for all levels, rafting, mountain and road biking, rock climbing, hiking/backpacking, and caving. Due to the outdoor rec opportunities and natural beauty, this area of West Virginia is also very popular for tourism. The club makes various trips to the NRG area each year but the goal of the extravaganza is to bring all of the club’s popular genres/activities and people together for 1 amazing weekend.


Freakin Rock Climbing

So, you wanna go to the New River Gorge Extravaganza AND you wanna go rock climbing. Well, here is the trip for you.

Keep in mind, this is an intermediate trip and I won’t be able to do very much instruction on this particular trip

Here is the plan: leave c-ville around 5 on friday. drive to Rays. Festivities ensue. sleep. wake up and eat breakfast. go climbing (not sure where. we can figure that out based on who signs up.) and head back to Rays. Eat some food and more festivities saturday night.

So, for this trip you will be climbing on saturday and you have the option of climbing with me on sunday or going on a different trip on sunday.

I’m planning on climbing again on sunday for a while and you can feel free to climb a second day if hiking/kayaking/whatever other trips are going on aren’t your style.

Pre-Requisites: Able to Climb 5.10 on top rope

Food: I’ll pick up some very general camping type foods for the trip up to $8 per person per day and we’ll have a wonderful family meal togther. It’ll be so precious.

CAMPING: We’ll be staying at Ray’s Campground:
There is plenty of space, bathrooms/showers, firewood to purchase, and good people. For directions you can follow the link above or the “adventure destination” link posted with this adventure.
The club will cover your camp fee ($8.50 per person per night)

**Please note that some of the adventure details may change as the date draws near, including the departure time. I will let you know when I make changes.

Club Provides:
Tents, Sleeping Bags, sleeping pads, cooking gear, group climbing gear (ropes, draws, etc), personal climbing gear if you don’t have your own, food, gas $$ up to $150, camping fee, a ride

You provide:
warm clothes, rain gear, personal climbing gear, personal eating stuffs (bowl, spoon, fork, that kind of stuff), lycra pants, $ or food for the ride up, extra food/snacks, toiletries, a dog

I will waitlist everyone to make sure i can get rides figured out and all that jazz




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