Kayaking (Whitewater) Kayaking (Whitewater)


  • Sep 22
  • 08:00:00
  • Ray's Campground (Hico, WV)


  • Sep 22
  • 18:00:00
  • New River Gorge


  • Sep 19
  • 18:00:00


  • $0.00


This trip is part of the overall “NRG Extravaganza” trip and is intended to be an add-on trip to my beginner-intermediate kayaking trip, but you can join this trip without being part of that one. I will be leading a crew of mostly beginner paddlers on the section above the gorge, from Thurmond to Cunard. My plan is to drop the beginners at the Cunard takeout and kindly ask them to shuttle back to Thurmond to get the vehicles at the put-in and then zip down the Fayette Station to pick up us intermediate-advanced paddlers at our take-out. If you do not care to paddle both sections you can meet us at Cunard.


New River Gorge: Cunard to Fayette Station

I am NOT “leading” on any of these sections, I am only coordinating some logistics and transportation to the rivers, you are responsible for your own safety and the activities you choose to participate in while on this trip, and you agree to have read and will abide by the American Whitewater Safety Code http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Wiki/safety:start?
Those with the appropriate skills may join as “Common Adventurers”

Everyone gets waitlisted till I screen your skills, which should include: Lots of experience through at least class 3 rapids, reliable combat roll and/or stellar bracing/leaning skills such that you don’t have to roll.

For info about the NRG Extravaganza , camping and food, check out my “NRG Extravaganza: Beginner-Intermediate WW Kayaking” trip: http://www.outdoorsatuva.org/members/adventure/read/2616

The Club provides: The 5 essentials, paddle jacket/drytop, booties, drybag, seat in car, boat transportation, lunch (sandwiches, fruit, snacks)

You should bring: Your gear, pack a lunch from the campsite, a smart phone or something with GPS to help the beginners navigate so as to run shuttle for us, rain dancin’ skillz cuz the gorge is freakin’ low!




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